Friday, November 5

New Fave Snack

This is not going to blow anyone's socks off but I'm basically in heaven. Over the moon, if you will.

Get this gloriousness:
1. Whole wheat saltines (they are just so much more fibe-ful!)
2. Salt Spring Island goat cheese. That's British Columbia! There is a pretty flower at the bottom and it was an outrageously good deal: regular price $12 (!) for 120ml on for $5! So, still pricey but the creamiest, most yummiest goat cheese.
3. President's Choice (I have found a nearby grocery store that meets this requirement!) has a new double-fruit jam: STRAWBERRY RHUBARB! I'm never going back to regular berries. Although there is still more sugar in it by weight than rhubarb it is just like momma's pie fillin!

Most of my meals will likely consist of these three items until the cheese is gone.

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