Sunday, November 28

Third Post of the Day

This must be a record for me.  Three posts in one day is excessive.  Basically I was trying to break up all the running stuff into two posts to make it more manageable.  The third post is an apology.

Running posts seem to be taking over this blog and I imagine that those of you still reading are probably getting tired of it.  I'm going to try to create a better balance since not everyone wants an update on whether I fueled with honey during my run or how my feet feel.  At least not every day. 

There are two reasons for the switch in blog-focus:  1) running is becoming very important to me; 2) contrary to the content of my blog there is quite a bit going on in my life right now.  Things that I want to write about but have been censoring because this is the internet and I have to consider who may read this (read: future employers) whether I like it or not.  If you ask me I would probably tell you in person.

Possible solutions: 
1) The blog continues like this.  Maybe you really do enjoy my recent posts (but I'm being realistic lol).
2) I post one running update a week (save all my thoughts until then????) and try to be more interesting the rest of the week.
3) Start a second blog dedicated to running and omit the running posts from this blog.

I'd love to hear your thoughts.  Honesty is valued over social pragmatics in this instance.


Beth said...

three posts in one day! this is what happens when you spend your entire sunday in a coffee shop :)

i vote for keep things as they are...two blogs is too many; you always neglect one (believe me...i'm in the process of reintegrating my blogs).

blog for YOU, not your readers.

those are my honest thoughts.

Suzanne said...

I agrees with Beth about writing for yourself. But because you asked I like to read your blog with all the variety. I prob wouldn't read the just running one but do want to be informed in the running department even though I'm currently lazy and wouldn't venture into running at present but have plans to in the future and will prob re-read your running entries.

Beth I like reading both yours but maybe you could have the dear stranger as a part of your current blog somehow... I'm not internet savvy but would love if they were separate from each other so you could have all the dear strangers all together but not on a sep blog. Am I making sense?

I need to learn how to write more concisely. Gosh.

Vixxen said...

I think either option one or option two. It really helps that you're such a good writer, so it's easy to read what you post.

Personally, I just like knowing what's going on in your life =) You're my super-awesome big sister, and since I can't see you all the time, I like being able to read how things are going.

But yes, blog for you! =)

Anonymous said...

I just want to say Hi to Everyone!