Friday, November 26

Running Update #44

I'm currently wrapped in a big blanket to thaw myself after 9.5km in 0 degrees (but the wind totally made it feel like -5).  It was the unveiling of my new but totally vintage cross-country ski-looking running jacket and it stood up to the wind pretty well.  For that price it had better.  LOOK AT MY JACKET HERE! The cool red one. Running is an awesomely cheap the summer. And I got a slick new headband.  But enough about gear (of which I'll be getting some more new pieces over the next few weeks).  I have already proved myself wrong.

My last running update from a few days ago raved about how cold it was but my feet were still all toasty and a big happy family in my vibrams.  I claimed that COLD IS NOT MY ENEMY but moisture is.  Apparently the ground has since cooled enough to call me out on this.  For the first 2km or so my toes went almost numb.  Actually, about 6 of them did so I had 4 good toes.  I was getting a bit worried and considered cutting the run short because I am a bit of a hypochondriac and just watched a TED Talk about people who got blitzed by a storm on Everest and their faces and feet fell off from frostbite (don't quote that).  But, about 15 minutes in, the toes, they started to burn and life returned to them and my feet felt great for the rest of the run.  Win!  But this incident did highlight the need to drink a big tall glass of suck-it-up and buy some dang shoes.  It will take a few weeks as it is to switch between them (like starting with just a jog around the block in the shoes before a run in the vibrams with increasing intervals in the shoes).  Our pace wasn't impacted by the blustery winds either. 

And because I need immediate rewards I ended the run near my apartment and walked away from it until I found a bubble tea establishment to satisfy my craving (new obsession = bubble tea.  About 10 years after everyone else).  It was my first non-milk or non-slush bubtea - a pineapple black tea on special - and it was gloriousness.  A new fave.  I will forever get black tea mixed with some fruity flavour from this day forth (decree'd).

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Vixxen said...

lol "... a big tall glass of suck-it-up"! You're hilarious XD This is my favourite expression of yours. I think the first time I ever heard you say it was when you said it about our aunt (I won't mention which one). Oh my god, mom and I laughed so hard.