Wednesday, November 3

Keep the Pace

This morning G-sis and I headed out for a morning run, darkness and all (where are you daylight savings time?!). We did 7.1 at a pace of 5:44/km or under 41 minutes. It didn't even feel that fast...tricky! I was feeling so good about the pace.

Then I read about Scott Jurek, ultramarathoner*. The best of the best ultra-runners keep the same pace as I did....but for 100 miles (or more)! Most of the time they are likely even faster but their time counts stops, bathroom breaks, refueling, curling up on the side of the trail and wanting to die. This pace also includes then running mountain trails, covering 13 miles of uphill climb just to do it again later in the course. These are some of the most intense people on earth.

*I'm currently obsessed with reading about ultras. Ultra-running is basically any distance longer than a marathon. We're talking 50 miles, 100 miles, 135 miles!

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