Friday, November 26

Combining Two Interests for a Little Insanity (aka 10 Provinces/10 Races)

Perhaps the all the school work these last few days has been getting to my brain but apparently the WINTER half marathon I've already paid for in Ottawa that is looming (but not close enough) is not enough.  Inspired by Lisa Smith-Batchen* I've set myself a goal of running a half marathon (a marathon would count too if I'm ever that oxygen-deprived ambitious) in each of Canada's 10 provinces.  The goal isn't time sensitive which can be dangerous but I just foresee traveling every weekend or so on a budget of negative money right now.

1. BC - Victoria, Goodlife Half, the course looks great (all over the city and it doesn't loop back on itself).  Plus!  A long sleeve race tee (love the long sleeve technical shirts (although Oct in Victoria may not call for it).

2. AB - First Choice: Cochrane (shout out to Hi-C) for the Footstock.  It is on a paved trail through the lovely wilderness AND it was voted Alberta's Best Road Race 2009.  Sold. BUT!  There are only 500 spots so I'll have to be on top of things the year I decide to run that one.
 Second Choice: Red Deer for the Woody's RV Half.  The name is clearly a win.  And you get a bamboo shirt! 

3. Sask - Regina, Queen City Marathon.  Basically because I'd have a sweet place to stay with fam and it looks like a pretty course.  CON: no mention of the gear/shirt for participants.  I crave the gear!  No more buying shirts.

4. MB - Winnipeg, The Intrepid Dezine Half for purely selfish reasons:  STADIUM FINISH!  And the crowd roars.....

5. ON - Ottawa.  In the works for the Winterman, Feb 20, 2011. 

6. QC - Quebec City. SSQ Quebec City Marathon (Half).  I've yet to see Quebec City and this promises that 75% of the course is along the St. Lawrence.  You can't go wrong!  Plus I've always wanted to run in French ;) Even though the prizes money isn't the highest (haha) you get 6 hours to complete.  Just in case?

*Looking at a map of Canada to determine the best west-to-east order of the Maritimes*

7. NB - Frederiction, Scotiabank Fred Marathon (Half).  I really wanted to pick the Marathon by the Sea (sponsored by Timmies.  I'm SURE there would be timbits afterward) but the website was horrendous and gave very little info. 

8 - NS - Wolfville, Valley Harvest Marathon (half). Because it has the loveliest name.  And course.  Just read that description (you run past an orchard AND get a STADIUM FINISH).  Plus the potential for TimBits again.

9 - PEI - Recharge with Milk Half Marathon.  Is this course vegan friendly? Woops.  I thought the course would cover the whole island.....

10 - Newfoundland and Labrador (because I love the name) - G-Sis I need some input!  It isn't easy to locate one from 'round here other than the Huffin Puffin but, while the name is awesome, the course looks BOR-ing. 

*This woman, at the age of 50(!) ran 50 miles in each of the 50 US states in just 62 days!  She did it for a good cause, orphans or something.  That is dedication.

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