Monday, October 18

Goal Met. New Goal Set.

Goal: 10km (running without stopping)
Achievement: 10.4km
Time: 1:05:17.
2) Living downtown TO is cramping my running style with all their traffic lights! We did not stop but the time doesn't account for all of the time/distance spent running up and down the street while waiting for the light to change. I think our true time could have been 1:01:00 or even under and hour. Even with the higher-than-I-wanted time we were running at 6:16/km.
3) Why did I map a route where 1/3 of it was a "gradual" incline?
4) After a long run is the only time that I ever have to remind myself to eat a meal. Oh right, I ran 10km maybe I should eat something before showering/blogging/making my lunch/selecting a nail polish colour.
5) I signed up to run the [insert name of large athletic corporation here]. BUT I selected the 5km race. Stink. Perhaps they will allow me to switch to 10km and actually push myself.
6) What if I come in last on the 10km? I know I wouldn't come in last for 5km.......
7) When does the instinctual desire to eat a healthier diet kick in as so many have promised me?
8) As my runs start getting longer I'll have to start planning for bathroom emergencies and hydration/electrolyte balance more carefully (read: at all). Perhaps I'll become a [insert name of sports drink here] junky.
9) I hope I start getting the fabled "runner's high". So far it has been largely a myth for me. However, around the half-way point today I did get a brief and mildly-euphoric feeling that got me up the 2 km of inclination. If those would happen more often I may become a believer.
10) Around kilometer 9 I forgot I had legs. They seemed to act independently of the rest of my body. That was glorious.

New Goal: the [dreaded] HALF marathon
1) Ow.
2) Winter is creeping up (I have a feeling it will eventually make a sneak attack) and perhaps I should be prepared.
3) Wait, winter!? How dedicated am I to this half marathon idea? Brr.
4) Apparently chafing may soon become a concern. Then I'll be a real runner.

Someone mentioned reading my blog. They made a statement like "I don't know how to put it all out there" (shout out to Reese's). To be honest, the stuff I share on here feels like the epithelial layer: very important, crucial protective mechanism but fairly simple compared to all the complex tissues that it protects. This is my 4th entry in the month of October and I believe that all of them revolve around running. Running is my outlet right now but I get my drive from something deeper. The most painful thing is not being able to share my achievement with my (former) best friend.

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cgarden said...

Congrats on reaching the 10km! I knew you could do it Katie!