Wednesday, October 20

Apparently this has Become a Blog About Running

For all of October my blog has been dominated by running. It is an area of life right now that gives me a sense of accomplishment and focus*. JPD informed me yesterday that I have made it because my body now craves movement and exercise; I become restless without it and long to stretch out my legs.

But this post is also to give perspective. I tend to post positive update and achievements on here, who wouldn't? Well today is a realistic post. First, I'm not that good at running but maybe that is why I feel so successful when I hit milestones. Each one is hard-earned. Some people can wake up and run 10km without having trained at all. I do not fall into that category and I never will.

Second, sometimes running just sucks. Sometimes I have a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad run. Today was one of those days. G-sis picked me up this morning at 715 for some hill work (to prep for our 10km race on Sunday). We both felt exhausted (I know I got home last night at 1030 after class and studying). I was winded 5 minutes in and it never stopped. We rested at the top of the hills which is not common. I almost threw up after first round of that incline but we decided to do it again. On the way back, a mangled raccoon a foot from our shoes threw off our breathing and we both slowed to a walk in order to recover (it was really mangled....oh the eyes and the guts!). At least we both had an off day.

*I guess spending 12-16 hours a day at school lately has been giving me the same thing. My life currently consists of class, studying, the occasional treat, short bursts of housework and that's about it.

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