Saturday, October 9

Update to the Running Update

Since my big runs on wed & thurs I have been pathetically hobbling around. Stairs are the worst. If I sit for a while and have to walk afterward I limp. It is my calves. They feel like they are tearing out of my legs. With-every-step. Enough whining. Luckily it is just lactic acid and not a muscle sprain or a joint problem. I'll be back out tomorrow. The problem lies in the Liberties (minimalist shoes that are not Vibrams). When I bought the Vibrams I was warned to "take it easy", to break in to them. I didn't listen and paid the price with sore calves. I hadn't considered that going back to shoes should be done with equal precaution so I went full-out, not having worn real shoes for a run since May. Woops. The lesson should be learned by now.

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