Thursday, October 7

Running Update #?

My computer recently had a massive virus. It is chugging along again but I have lost those helpful cookies that tell me what titles I have used for my blogs in the Running Update #?.... It was a good hiatus for a few days not to be able to use the computer whenever I wanted. I need less computer in my life. But I can explore that another time.

These last two weeks have been difficult. You might have noticed a less-than-chipper tone to my recent posts. My funk is lifting but in that brief time I misplaced much of my motivation. Starting up this week with a better attitude I thought I had lost some of my drive (and stamina!) to run. Well reader(s), I've still got it!

Monday: I decided to jog out a 7km in the morn' to see if I could still do it, reminding myself that I could stop if needed. Other than traffic lights I ran that course down, much faster than expected. Not blazing by any means but a good pace.
Wednesday: 3km + 20 minutes of aerobics and strength training*
Thursday: approx 6km (40+ minutes). This was my first running epiphany in a while. My running buddy (G-sis) and I were chugging along, close to the half hour mark, and I started thinking how I was tired and could justify taking a short walk-break since I had run less than 12 hours before, we had already been out a half hour, I was slowing down, whine whine whine. It was that I realized I could suck it up. No problem at all, my legs weren't tired, nothing hurt, I was breathing fairly easily. Apparently I just don't enjoy the feeling of challenging my body. So I'm going to start enjoying the feeling of a challenge. No need for stopping, I think it is time to up the distance factor. Except my calves are killing me ;)

*There is a certain athletic shoe and clothing conglomerate near campus that has a fairly ingenious marketing program (not ingenious enough because I won't mention them directly to count as a hit on google). Every evening they have a free running club. Anyone is welcome. The best part is they lend you everything: shoes**, running spandex pants, tshirt, jacket, sports bra, socks. The whole shebang. No need to lug your gear to work/school. They even give you all the sports drink you could want. Let you test their fancy computerized running software and device. They benefit too, of course. The most obvious is that we try their products. The runs also happen to be in the heart of Toronto at rush hour: mob of runners covered in their logo looking fit and fine through the busy streets.

**This company makes a fancy shoe, let's call it the Liberty, that is supposed to be a shoe but also mimic barefoot running. As a supporter and lover of the fivefingers I was curious and fairly ready to tear them apart. I was disappointed when they weren't allowing us to demo the lightest model but settled for the middleweight. Let's be honest, they felt pretty good. Maybe it was just my poor feet used to pounding the pavement bare but I do think they had some merit. Some. But enough for me to consider a pair. Not to replace the fivefingers but as a winter substitute. My lovely non-shoes will soon be unable to provide enough insulation to run in the bitter Toronto winters. My first instinct it to buy the more insulated vibrams, however I'm wary of their ability to last straight through to spring. This may be a good compromise. Not sold yet though.

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