Sunday, April 15

"They knew better, because you said forever"

Board games and group games are definitely a love of mine. I won't disclose anything else I like now lest you happen to come over and play my game. Its called Whoonu by the makers of cranium. The beauty of the game is that it fits into about 15 minutes. Its best with 5 or 6 people and is similar to "apples to apples" except all the cards say random items on them like hotdogs, the weather network, musicals, etc. Each person gets a few cards except for one person who gets to be the Whoonu. They players with the cards must then choose the one card in their hand that they think the Whoonu would like the best and gives it to them upsidedown. The whoonu then rates all the things on the cards in order from most liked to least. Points are awarded accordingly and everyone passes their cards to the left; someone else taking the title of Whoonu. Ok, it is jolly fun even if it doesn't sound it.

To continue with entertainment, I finally watched a film a friend had been raving about all year and thoroughly enjoyed it. "La Grand Seduction" is a Quebecois film set in a small fishing village dependent on welfare since the fish ran out. The towns last hope is to bid for a factory moving into the province. The major drawback is the lack of a doctor so they set out to lure one. Through some interesting circumstances a doctor agrees to spend a month in the town to try it and the townspeople set up a plan to make him fall in love with the village. They tap his phone lines, watch new sports and catch frozen fish. The characters are so real and the relationships between the main character Germain and his best friend Yvon is wonderful, they have obviously spent their while lives in a town with no more than 125 people and love each other very much. I recommend. There is some strong sexual innuendo right at the start and the finish but its french and other than that its about as clean a movie as you will get.


Jelena said...

I half suspected that you were making it up... but, I trust you enough to not have to go and google, "Whoonu".

I feel as if I've seen "La Grande Seduction"... do they also try to maybe set him up with a lady? Hmmmm... I think we actually might've watched this on Montreal summer project!! I think I need to watch it again.

Katie V. said...

Actually they don't try to set him up but there is someone he had his eye on. Well, if you need to watch it again i'm sure Katrina would be happy to lend/show it to you. She said he gets great pleasure from showing the movie to other people.

Beth said...

we definitely watched in in Montreal! It's a grand film. that game sounds fun too.

Anonymous said...

I like Apples to Apples! Chris and I picked it up at Zellers for $20 a couple months ago but we haven't played it yet because it requires more than two people. Maybe I'll keep an eye out for Whoonu.