Thursday, April 12

Another Night, Another Dream (but always who?)

So, don't read this if you're tired of my dreams. I get a break every time I finish studying a case for my exam tomorrow so I am using the time to record another dream I had that, as usual, was just so wacked-out I don't want to forget it.

Mostly it involved people whom I am friends with in my program. We were driving back to Guelph from Barrie I believe and were estimating it to take about 3 hours, arriving in at midnight. We were all anxious to get back on time because we all had to study for a big exam the next day (actually, I think one of my housemates was there as well and was planning on waking up at 3:45 to study the next day, a time that kept getting pushed forward throughout the dream)

Somehow we ended up in an airport and could not get through the parking lot due to some odd construction going on. We had to park the car, go through some back alleys, climbing over things and through fences, etc. where we reasoned that we would be able to retrieve out car. We spend quite a bit of time doing this only to end up on the roof of a building which we need to jump across to another platform to be safe. About 20 stories below was a road and some vendors selling fruits and baskets. I decided to try and went out to the edge only to come back believing that i would never make it across jumping and proposing to try to jump straight down and break my fall on the vendors canopies (Aladdin style?). In the end someone else tried to jump and we believe he was killed on the street (no worries, I didn't see it in my dream). Eventually we all decided to jump and aim for a window of the building, hoping to crash through.

I jump and make it into a window where a man working at his desk threatens me to leave. I immediately blackmail him back and somehow set up a trap with electrical cords so he cannot get out. I meet up with my classmates in the hallway and we walk through the building at one point stumbling upon a casino and picking up decks of cards discarded all over the room. (I mean, who doesnt' want decks and decks of cards when they are trapped in a building?)

The time keeps getting later and we realize we will now not likely be home until 3am or later. How will we ever study? The last part of the dream consists of us finding some political debates set up in large offices (resembling classrooms on the second floor of MacKinnon). The debates were hosted by young students representing their parties and kept changing. The speakers just never seemed to be loud enough and we kept asking them to speak up. Thats about all I got.

Weird thought during the dream: we were driving on the road and I was worried about there being drivers from other countries and ethnic backgrounds (mostly Chinese and arab) on the road. Not because I have any stereotypes about them being bad drivers but I thought it unsafe that they had their own driving styles of driving diagonally and sideways. Hmm??? I think it had something to do with the linguistics book I was reading before bed where different cultures write in different directions (the somethings in Gullivers travels write diagonally

Weird, weird, weird.

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