Friday, April 13

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

Today I sold back some of my textbooks for $77.15. For about 5 texts. Oh the crime. To celebrate I decided to spend the money as if it had never been mine (a good idea, no?). To the mall I went after my exam today (three down, one to go!) with the intent to purchase a satin top from Le Chateau only to realize that I didn't love it as much as I had the first time. So instead I spent $89 + tax for a suit at smart set. It was justified practically solely on the price. A whole suit! For less than $100! I have a suit already but its black and heavy and this one is lighter (both in colour and material) and could pass as a summer suit.

Also, the thought of spring (although obviously not the appearance or feel of spring outside) has brought out some of my long patient accessories. The best piece added was actually bought at a garage sale last summer from an old lady for about $1. I doubt I even paid that much. I would place it in the early 70s and so tacky its great but I have probably received more "That is a great purse!"'s and "where did you get that"'s than for my more conventional wardrobe items. It pays to be a junk picker.


Jelena said...

I think you need to take me garage-sale shopping if I come to the 'Soo w/ you... hmmmm?!?!?!

Katie V. said...

silly girl, garage sales are on saturdays. But I wish, it would be so fun to 'mentor' someone in the art. Maybe if either of us visits the place the other one is in on a Saturday I could show you the ropes.