Tuesday, April 24

of space and time

I don't have the heart to tell my family but right now I need space. Not that they haven't given it to me and I'm glad to see them but adjusting to the idea of being finished and being back home just takes time. Like eternity and spandex body suits I can't wrap my mind around my present situation. Done university. The four of us at 236 will never be living together again. If the interview goes well tomorrow I could living in the Sault, with the parents, for a whole year! I'm grown up but have no plans.

Tomorrow is a big interview for a year-long internship with the Rotary club and some other non-profit organizations. Basically I would be doing research and designing a marketing plan for the club in town and working in the office. It is not my ideal job but it pays well and even if I am not thrilled about my degree it could be good experience to try out what I have learned. It scares me and that is why I had to apply and have to do the interview. I am terrified of failing at the job, of not being qualified or ready for it. I can't learn or improve without attempting something I haven't tried before. It is entirely possible that I won't get this position too; there are six other qualified candidates but I'll try. The hardest part is convincing myself to prepare properly for the interview. I despise preparing for interviews but it has to be done.

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