Monday, April 9

home all weekend and a little stir crazy

I am actually looking forward to the American elections. They can't seem to come soon enough. Maybe this isn't all that unusual since most Americans are doing the 'pee-pee-dance' of anticipation when someone, anyone, but Bush will be in charge. What interests me most is the way it looks right now with the US two-party system it will either be a woman or a black man. I must admit I thought it would be decades longer before either of those events occurred but it looks like the set up could be perfect. Sadly, it looks like the US will even be beating us in terms of electing someone other than a white man (yes, Kim Campbell, but that was by default and for three months so I move to strike that from the record in terms of this discussion).

Speaking from a purely biased perspective and considering almost solely race, ethnicity and maybe overall political party I have to say that i want Hillary to win. Do I like her? Meh. Do I know a whole lot about what she stands for other than 'liberalness'? Not so much yet. But, she's a woman. If I had my choice of which underrepresented group to take office it would be a woman. Like i said, i'm completely biased having only X chromosomes to go with. Her win would be a victory for more people though, think about it...half the country is female. Black women benefit too. So do hispanic ones.

I could be mistaken but I could see Hillary winning partly by default. There are so many people now that will vote anything but republican in the US so point for her. Also, the same people who are still going to vote republican (ie. the real texans with lots of oil money), i'm willing to bet that a large percentage of them don't like Black people. I guess for them it's a lesser of two evils maybe? That is where I think Obama is quite clever. There has been quite a bit of publicity circling him and much of it is disguised as against but really could do quite a bit for his campaign. What i'm talking about is are the theories that are saying that he isn't Black. *gasp* I know, i've seen pictures of him too. I believe most of the theories point out that he is actually not "african-american-Black" in the sense that he is not actually a descendant of slaves but of pure African ancestry (maybe he's mixed too...that is just my speculation). Some people think that this makes him not Black.

How does this work in his favour? Well, if he gets people to go out there and look like they are attacking him with these theories he gains in one way. Those hardcore republicans feel better about voting for him (hey, he ain't really black) and this doesn't really hurt his Black vote because 1) most Black people hate republicans 2) those who were going to vote for him probably don't really care, hey, he look a whole lot more black than white, don't he?

There is my entirely biased and likely politically incorrect interpretation.


Beth said...


to be honest, i stopped after the 3rd sentence to post this comment, but I still love it:

"most Americans are doing the 'pee-pee-dance' of anticipation"

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. I am picturing many slightly-overweight stereotypically American families doing pee-pee dances in their living rooms...

Katie V. said...

thank you, thank you. if I plan on marrying stephen colbert i need to be able to hold my own in political commentary.

Jelena said...


I actually woke up, this weekend, when I went home for Easter -- I'd slept through world politics and events for the last 6 months or so.

I didn't even *realize* the election was happening... *gasp*... I know, I know! For shame. And I touted myself as a volunteer for the school newspaper...

Katie V. said...

well its happening...eventually, no worries its always in november...and possibly not until next year, i just think about these things lol