Tuesday, April 10

only in my dreams

This is an attempt to record a dream I had last night. It was so surreal, real feeling and I can remember minute details.

twelve people, myself, a housemate and 10 strangers are on a interactive survivor/amazing-race but without the TV cameras. We have to complete tasks one after another for which we have to find clues, complete the task and return to a dock in a shallow lake. The first person to return after each round gets a prize.

The setting: a well-lit forest in the summer on a lake front. In the dream I believe that its the soo but it more closely resembles the area near our previous home in wawa.

The challenges: one challenge involved a clue about water flowing in and out. Everyone spent hours trying to figure out the clue to be able to find ... well...another clue i suppose. All the strain caused me to lie down when i had a sudden flash of brilliance. Water in and out: TIDES! So i jumped up, dug around in a bulk container of TIDE laundry detergent and found a glass bottle with a few pieces of paper inside.
eventually we were all walking through an alley (but not a sketchy one) in what we thought was downtown Calgary. For some reason i seemed to know where I was and even claimed to have been there before with Hannah (could have been in another dream). Of course we were racing so I decided to run because i knew there was a business district ahead. My endurance was incredible, but i was running awkwardly with tiny steps. I considered correcting it but decided to go with it since it seemed I could run forever like that.
Eventually we reached an area where we had to pair off and run a McDonalds and we would be judged on how profitable we were able to be that day. i paired with this blonde haired guy (who, although he was made up by my brain, I had quite the crush on him and was glad to be paired up). We went into the Mcdonalds and somehow (luckily) I just ended up playing with children in a small classroom. They all seemed to know who I was saying i had volunteered there before.

The last challenge I remember was we were given a location we had to find as a team. Everyone got something different and once there we had to complete a task. We had to find an old castle converted into something and answer 99 questions about old movies. Another group had to find an abandoned diamond mine in the bush (ps. i was upset because i knew exactly where it was). We could not locate this place, we got out the yellow pages, called all these old castles (yeah, all the old castles in the soo...?) to no avail. It ended somewhere there.

Many of my dreams tend to end in some type of frustration and repetition of the same task only to get nowhere. Even still, it was a good change from the "having to go to the bathroom and not being able to find one" that happens quite often.


Silas said...

wow that is crazy.

also, the "not being able to find a bathroom" one is a horrible one, since when you are at the bladder's end and you have to pee, you wake up and you've actually lost control of the bladder.

Katie V. said...

while that would add hilarity to my story I would like to point out that I have yet to lose control of my bladder; due to dreams or any other forces.

Vaness said...

I love crazy dreams like that - and I love remembering them even more and being incredulous at how detailed and weird they were and yet at the time it all made so much sense.