Thursday, April 19

dessert pizza and cookies so far today

Some spontaneous fun is always in order when celebrating a significant accomplishment. Yesterday I dressed myself, oh, and I finished university. In relation to one of the two aforementioned activities Jilly B. and I drove up to London to dance the night away with Mere only to return to Guelph 12 hours later.

Mere lent me a fancier top than I had brought with me, we all donned jeans and some heals and took hector to a downtown club called Old Chicago where salsa is taught every wednesday night. Being somewhat rhythmically challenged I was impressed how quickly I picked up the basic steps and a few moves (aided muchly by the very talented M. Brown). We danced for hours with the rule that if a man asks you to dance you have to accept. Some of the men were fantastic dancers and led so well that it made us/me look like I belonged on the dance floor. Jack would pause for a moment at the beginning of each song the band churned out and then proclaim it to be "Merengue", "salsa", or "bachata" (none of which meant much for me in terms of movement) and then would start to move. He would also whisper little hints ("ok, now walk backwards" or my favorite "im going to spin, you just keep dancing around me"). Did I mention that Jack is about 65 and a dance instructor on a cruise ship? He would tug at the front of his shirt with the thumb and index finger of both hands each time he mentioned his widow friends in cape cod. Our other new friends included an older Indian man, Pierre from the south of France and an Asian student who may or may not have reached 5 feet. A great night finished off even better with a good chat until 3 am with hannah before I must have dozed off and let her and Mere tuck me in on the couch.

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Beth said...

you should ask mere about our salsa dancing night in edmonton sometime...i love that hector is still called that. and i love that you had fun dancing the night away.