Sunday, April 29

Nothing unusual

As usual, I was home for only one day and already hit the library. Hard. After the third trip down south in 6 days my brain has eaten a good chunk of "Paris 1919" and "Mere Christianity". So far the first is fantastic food for the ol' neurons; there is so much to learn about the Treaty of Versailles considering how much it shaped the face of Europe and the Middle East. The latter book it beautifully written. Having already claimed to dislike Christian literature this is in a different class. Although what I'm looking for is that relationship, well-written or poorly written, I don't think a book can make it real all of a sudden.

Tomorrow I have to start the torturous process of job hunting. The interview I traveled back to the north for last week went well but apparently not well enough: someone else got it. It just means I'll be sticking to the plan to spend as much time as possible in South America, but first I need some money.

On these many trips by car through the Canadian shield we saw some interesting things. A truck with its cab full of boxes blazing on the side of the road. A black bear. Evidence of greed. The water levels of the great lakes the the road curves around are the lowest since the 1930s. Hundreds of feet of sand that hadn't been dry in decades are growing grass. One likely culprit is the U.S. more or less secretly draining the water for their own use. Just like the bumble bees being thrown off course by our obsession with cell phones all of our actions have repercussions, some that we will never find, some in areas that couldn't have been guessed.

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