Friday, March 3

Learning about failure

This blog is somewhat preemptive. I had three midterms yesterday (one scheduled, one rescheduled from before reading week....oh snow day...and one surprise one). They got progressively better as the day continued. It was difficult to write two more midterms after I got owned by the first one. Hence the lesson. There is a very real possiblity that I 'earned' less than a 60% on my economics midterm. I had thoroughly planned to finish university with a solid average above 80. Then came this class. I guess this is meant ot be a lesson, not to find my worth in grades and school, to define myself by Christ and not my accomplishments....I just don't want it to be this way. I needed to blog about this since the memorable events in my life should be captured on something as secure (sigh...) as the world wide web for years to come.

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