Monday, March 6

Blogs and PDA

I'm in the library. Other than to buy a cookie, and to buy a tuna sandwich (i'll write about the perils of purchasing tuna in a library another time) and to pee twice (or was that three times?) my position has changed little since 1pm. It is now 8:54. I am writing a paper about blogs...more specifically blogs as a marketing tool. I'm a marketing tool...but again, another post. This has now been four solid (well, relatively) days of reading about blogs. I can't believe it but I am actually finding this interesting. The hardest part is not knowing whether all this work is even creating something the professor will accept. The instructions: Write something, 4-6 pages. Gee whiz, is it a report or an essay? What style? Meh, who knows.
Not only have a come to the stage of writing what I think and then looking for articles to support it my new strategy to make the paper go faster is to play spider solitaire and blog.
Across from me is probably the largest display of PDA (public display of affection) I have witnessed recently. Ok PDA might not be exactly write...there was little in the way of actually groping but nonetheless the 'cuteness' level is nauseating (or is that the tuna?). 4 kisses. Thats what you get, apparently, if you eye is twitching. 2 on the cheek for just being

Haha, I hope its the paper thats making me bitter but I'm sure we're up to 37 smooches in 2 hours...thats .267 kisses per minute. Someone get me another cookie....


About 15 seconds after I published this post someone sat down at the computer next to me with one of those McCain deep dish chocolate freezer cake things. The whole thing. I was about 3 seconds away from making a new friend. But I suppose I have my pride. I like what Becky said, "its like you're in a big dream". Yeah it feels almost surreal to be barely conscious, writing a paper that as of yet has no purpose with PDA boy over there and massive cake girl over here...Now all i need it Pacman and the Ghost to go running through here. Wait, if this is a dream then I can do anything I want and I'll just wake up with a strange unnerving sense that I can't quite put my finger on......maybe i will go get that cake

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