Sunday, March 12

I've been talking about you all night

An interesting way to start an msn conversation. But I ran with it. Turns out that one of my friends from back home works with a guy that I went to elementary school with in Wawa. That is really exciting to me since I only have one other person I talk to (about 3 times a year) from Wawa. Although, my Wawa friend probably saw me at my nerdiest...little Katie V. with chubby cheeks, freckles and big round glasses...oy, grade 2...and 3 and 4. Ok 5. Being in Belleville with Becky, one of those people who always went to the same school with the same people, really made me sad that I didn't have that.

Last night was great. Last night being College Royal of course. Everyone looked amazing. I'll second Shelly on the fact that it was so much fun, but most of it was spent making up crazy dances and hoping no one remembers what you were doing (which likely they won't since they were doing the same thing). Big shout out to all the guys who came and who danced the night away. Actually, i was really impressed. No sitting on the sidelines during the fast stuff, no whining or standing awkwardly and, there was full out dancing. Some of it was really bad. But so was mine. And I appreciate bad dancing far more than sitting out. So big props.

One observation though. I would love some feedback on this, and it isn't directed at anyone in particular. Its just that, are guys terrified of asking a girl to dance? If I had been with any other group of friends I think the guys would have asked the girls to dance. Its not that they have to. But i noticed that they would dance with girls who were already taken.
So that makes me ask the question, is it shyness, they don't want to show favouritism or is it that they are (and I suppose the word arrogant could be used in this situation) afraid that any girl they ask will not be able to control herself and fall madly in love with them on the spot, and then...that would be awkward.

Hopefully that wasn't too harsh. Just a question from a girl who admits, she doesn't have dudes all figured out.


Ben said...

haha. Katie - i wrote the same thing on my blog (, except from a guys point of view in that I was partly afraid to ask girls to dance. Not really afraid of the dancing, but afraid of anything that might be implied by it. We should have established rules before about being allowed to dance with anyone. And it is easier to dance with a 'taken' girl because everyone knows nothing is happening.

Next time, if there is a next time with the same sort of format, let's do it differently.


shellieos said...

hahaha...yes props for actually busting out moves and not being wallflowers.