Friday, March 17

My Birthday is coming and the goose is getting fat...

So less than one week until my long-awaited 21st birthday. Long-awaited by myself at least. Ever since last year when I had the blessing of celebrating it with 4 other great people whose parents happened to go on a weekend away around the same time I have been waiting for another chance.
This year promises to be even better, with even more birthdays.
I am a little saddened though. I am trying to understand why some of the other birthday people are not as excited for the mega party as I am. Its hard, you see, my birthday would feel lacking if those people chose not to come, however, they may feel that going to the party would actually detract from their big day. Its a difficult compromise. It is a good exercise for me to try to see things from other people's view. Wow, that was so vague....I just want to have the second best birthday ever (last year was THAT good, I just don't want to get my hopes up about topping it).
My first Ontarion article came out this past week. I dont' feel any more like a journalist. Maybe it will take some time to sink in. I wonder if Jay Ingram is going to read it....

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