Friday, March 24

A day to remember

One minute. 11:59. 12:00. Its all over, and it was a day worth remembering. If the first day is any indication, 21 will be a good year. Thanks to every single person who took the time to say Happy Birthday, or would have, had they known it was my birthday.

I feel like a recap is in order since I do not want to forget this day. Woke up: 7:20ish. Great mood. Usual morning things. Parents called. I found a card from Cathy in my food cupboard with monkeys on it and some candy...sweet. Ate some oatmeal. Great breakfast food. First class, Econ, boring. Met with a friend, she wanted a Case for Christ. Alex Wong treated to Bob's Dogs. It was a fantastic dog/sausage. Sat with some cool people in operations management. Ashley told Tom it was my birthday but he said nothing so I thought I was safe. Needless to say he found a way to run to the back of Roz 104 and have the whole class sing to me. Even better. After class he yelled up to the back of the room "What are you doing for your birthday tonight?". How could I answer but honestly "Leading my Bible Study" hee hee. Chill time in the office, I love those people.

Meet Becky at the Keg, 230 pm. Salt, lemon and no i.d.? At least we broke university policy! Scavenger hunt. The creepo on the 2nd floor of the library, Tim Fraser says "What the h*** am I doing drinking in L/A, I'm feeling warm and toasty" (its a song, Bran Van 3000). Saw some great peeps, including a miss Meredith Brown that sported an outfit in honour of me. I hope she was more trying to capture my 'essence' than my actual style....or maybe i do wear pink lipstick and butter yellow puffy-sleaved coats.
Chill time in the clubs office. Trip to the Aqualab. Held a starfish, whose stomach popped? Held a sand dollar. Pet some sweet fish. I hate lobsters, that is decided. "Surprise" trip to DQ, squashed into every last possible inch on the bus. Ate cake, ince cream, oreo goodness with people I love. Opened my package from the parents, 21 things for me on my 21st birthday. Sooo much food.

Chill with the housies. DG. Sang happy bday, got a card, talked about God with some of the most awesomest girls on campus. Always worth the trek to campus at 10pm.

This was more for me than anyone else. If you took part in this fantastic day, thank you so much. I still have all my birthday bombs too....I guess I rang this one in slightly differently than last year, no shopping carts...but just as special.

Pray that my love for the Lord would only grow stronger in this next year.

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Coconut said...

Whoa... for some reason I knew it was your birthday and at the same time I didn't... strange huh? Happy Belated Birthday and seeing as it is 1:30 Am... I'll add another belated so happy belated belated birthday. Have a good weekend!!!