Thursday, March 23

10 minutes and counting

My birthday began 10 minutes ago. I have received 3 wishes of goodwill on said day at 12pm, 12pm and 1201pm...very punctual and thoughtful people. I even received an early one on March 22nd, but I took it anyway.
I realized today that I could start counting my life in decades. I am IN my 20s, not teetering on the edge but actually inside.
Wow, so right there i took a break and went to the bathroom (more information than you needed but keep reading, there is a point). I walked into my room and ashley pops up out of my bed and yells HAPPY BIRTHDAY....honestly i thought i was going to crap my pants. No one has made me jump that high in a while. So thats well-wisher number 4.
Tomorrow I get to pick up my birthday package from my parents. Apparently its 2feetx1.5x1.5 but light...who knows. The hint: 21 Gilmore Girls. Man, I haven't seen that episode, so in the dark I will remain.

I wanted to say something profound on this day but nothing is coming to me. I realized that I had posters of Salt N-Peppa from Teen Beat magazine in my room about 10 years ago. I think that means I'm old.


Ashley said...

Glad I could be of some assistance... making you jump so high... it was my pleasure :)

Love you Katie V. and once again i wish you a Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...


I had posters of Salt&Pepper too!! [I'm not down with that ghetto abreviation] For shizzle.


Anonymous said...

Oh.........I forgot to mention. I didn't get my posters from Teen Beat magazine thought. I drew them.