Sunday, December 5

A Social Story

Miss UPenn herself introduced me to a lovely free illustrating program (inkscape).  It sure takes some getting used to.  So don't mock my social story!  I have no idea why blogger inserted two random lines through the whole thing but I'm too darn lazy to figure it out right now.


steph said...


love, balls

Anonymous said...

This is my first time reading your blog... LOVED IT! I totally feel your pain. Maybe I'll stay tuned more frequently? - Becky :)

Rosemary said...

Other socially-acceptable things to do instead of studying :

- clean your keyboard
- write snail-mail letters
- recount the days till Christmas


Beth said...

i love inkscape! although you know how to do things with it that i do not. :)

The Awesome one (Aka Dave) said...

You are in the consume stage

Just thought you should know

vegetard said...

This is way awesome! Also, is that Tim at the end there...? It totally is, right? :p


Katie V. said...

Thanks. You really don't want to know how long that took me to do haha.

Becky: glad to have you. Although this may be my best post ever, it could be all downhill from here.

Maia: I can't say who it is. I mean, it isn't anyone....ugh.

Dave: Thanks for the cartoon. I am indeed at that stage.

Rosemary: I really need to clean my keyboard! Good idea :)

Beth: It is new to me! It is still a bit of a frustrating program, it doesn't seem to let you draw simple shapes and click fill. But I bet the complicatedness lets it do awesome things for people actually illustrating stuff.

Balls: Thanks!