Saturday, December 25

Christmas Postponed Until Further Notice

For the first time in the history of our family it is midday and the gifts are still unwrapped.  I suppose my cartoon was a little too prophetic, although, this time it wasn't me.  My puking ended 3 days ago and hot my little bro hard last night.  Much harder than me.  Poor kid was up all night and into the day.  He's currently being hydrated at the hospital since he can't really afford to be losing any weight.  Turkey dinner is now tomorrow, presents tonight or tomorrow.  We're all just hoping Boris (lil'bro) is feeling better soon.

According to him "katie gives the best christmas presents" har har.

Santa Sightings:  earlier this week we purchased a dollar store santa hat to go with my father's beard.  He wore it that day.  And that evening when we had friends over for dinner.  And out to the mall the next day with my mother.  And to do the last of his christmas shopping yesterday.  Perhaps we have began a new holiday tradition.

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