Friday, December 17

Exam Update

I've realized that I think of my life in cartoons now.  There is another one coming in the next few days.  Preview:  it is about exams.  Because that is my life. 

In the past few days my diet has consisted entirely of cereal and oranges.  My nutrition comes to a standstill if milk or fruit runs out.  Pizza Pizza on the corner has come to my rescue twice already.  Cinnabon was had twice as well.  But it was canceled out by the necessary walk ALL THE WAY to union station to acquire said buns. 

Why the buns?  A reward for writing the worst exam of my life.  How can both buns on two separate occasions be a consolation prize for writing the worst exam of one's life?  Let me explain.  On Wednesday I wrote what felt like my worst exam ever.  Let's say motor speech.  Then, just two days later, I managed to break that personal record.  Aphasia took the title by a landslide.  I'd make a cartoon about that exam but it wouldn't be appropriate for a blog without an adult rating. 


Sarah said...

Oh my goodness I totally feel the same way. Today, I considered McDonald's and I haven't wanted that in AGES! My diet is as bad as yours - except it lacked the cereal. Yesterday, I ate peanut M & M's for breakfast, half a pastry left in the fridge for lunch and a cookie for dinner. All intermingled with coffee, of course. Oh and to be healthy, 2 clementines.
These were the worst 2 exams. I can't believe what I wrote - it's embarrassing!!! Our consolation is that it's almost done.
Seriously still reeling from today. Hope you're resting up, we're almost there and swallowing will be straightfoward, unlike the last 2!

P.S. I ordered Pizza Pizza once this week, and had a frozen pizza tonight. Come on holidays so I can get back to eating like a regular person!!!

Katie V. said...

You're my exam hero ;)