Tuesday, December 28

My Pretty New Watch

As mentioned when I bragged in my previous post about how spoiled I was this Christmas, I received a bee-yoo-ti-full Garmin Forerunner 405.  It is a GPS watch.  It is glorious.  While I run I can simultaneously watch how long I've been running, the distance I've gone (up to the nearest 100th of a km) and the pace that I'm running.  THE PACE!  It is amazing.  And depressing.  Depressing because since the flu punched me in the gut I've had some running setbacks.  I've been out only twice now; once for 5km and today for 7km.  Both times I kept a good pace just under 6min/km until km 4 and then I would hit a wall.  I guess all I can do it keep working at it and add some speed training to my week. 

A review of my lovely watch.  It is pretty.  It is simple to use with a 'bezel' ring made of metal on the outside.  Basically a touch ring that can be used to scroll and tapped anywhere to select.  It syncs with the satellite in less than 10 seconds, a major pro in the cold where one needs to keep moving to stay warm.  I love that it beeps at the completion of every kilometer (immediate feedback, that's how I roll). I don't even have to plug it in to my computer but I log into the training site, set my watch within 3m of the computer and it uploads my workouts. 

Are there downsides?  Of course.  It is a beast.  This really doesn't matter except it makes it difficult to adjust my sleeves.  Yep.  That's currently my one complaint. 

This is the feedback that I get.  I'll show you even though my pace is fairly embarrassing these days.  But for you, friends, anything.

The site also displays an incredibly accurate map of my route, including when I cut corners and jaywalk.  The calorie measurements are interesting as well.  I can't say that I entirely buy into carlorie burning measurements but I'll take any type of reinforcement I can get. 

Here I am in my amazing gear.  I didn't realize how effective the little reflective bits really were.  Observation:  I'm such a yuppy-looking runner.  All my fancy gear.  At least my VFFs (Vibram FiveFingers) made me look a little more hardcore, a little more fringe. 
And a bonus photo:


Jo said...

Looking like a pro!
ps. where did you get the watch? I want one :)

Katie V. said...

It was for Christmas. I think my mom got it online. It really is fantastic, I would recommend it to anyone. So easy to use and very accurate (as far as I can tell).

James said...

Katie - Congrats. Once you start to run with a GPS watch, I think you'll likely find it indispensable. Your intuition about the calorie burn measurements being a bit off on the 405 is also correct. Some watches (e.g., 405CX) use heart rate data when calculating calorie burn, which leads to a more accurate result. But if that data isn't too important to you, the 405 provides a good estimate.

Happy running!


chris mcpeake said...

got to love the garmin. Cant imagine running without one.