Monday, December 13

Running Update #47

Hi-C and I just covered 6.7 km as the world literally froze around us.  At about 4km in I remember thinking "wow, I'm still warm and I feel awesome, winter running is so liberating!".  Everything went downhill from there.  The snot flowed freely.  My face burned.  My legs went numb (actually, this came in handy, I didn't notice them and pushed myself faster).  For a bit my heart felt like it was pumping shards of ice.  Near the end I knew I was breathing but I couldn't feel the air enter my lungs and it never felt like quite enough.  It felt like we flew through the run.  Felt.  Because I'll never know.  My ipod stalled after 6 minutes, likely in protest to the cold.  I think if it is below -11 with some nasty wind I may have to start adding a third layer on top and second layer on my legs.  I looked like a bright pink strawberry from head to toe afterwards.  This may prove more challenging than we first anticipated.  Wait, no, I anticipated this but let myself be talked into a half marathon anyway. I'm clearly the crazy one.

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