Sunday, February 1

The Toronto Experience

This is day 4 in the metropolitan capital of Ontario. Two days with Mark two days with Becks: all lovely days. The two met at Spring Rolls restaurant where they apologetically messed up a few times (like buzzing for us for a table twice when no table was available). The food and service were good though, no grudges held. Apparently Becky was expecting Mark to be considerably quieter than he was based on my description (yes Mark, maybe some of it is in my head, there you go. But may I remind you this is after 1.5 yrs of work).

Now I'm chilling in a taxi yellow apartment with sun warming my hair while making up ridiculous acrostics of the IPA chart* (International Phonetic Alphabet) to commit it to memory.

The Manners of Articulation
-Point Nine Ton (of) Toxic Flatulence Leak Among Losers
-Plosive Nasal Trill Tap Fricative Lateral-Fricative Approximant Lateral-Approximation

Place of Articulation
-Balding Ladies Don't Always Pull Rogaine Packing Vampires Under Pale Gazebos
-Bilabial Labiodental Dental Alveolar Postalveolar Retroflex Palatal Velar Uvular Pharyngeal Glottal

*this link allows you to click on any symbol and hear the corresponding language sound created. Many of the sounds cannot be found in the English language

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Beth said...

this gave me a hankering for my linguistic class days. sometimes i miss school. and fascinating things like studying language.