Tuesday, February 24

Just to Drive Mark a little more Crazy

Today was a study day. My chosen distraction was laundry and organizing my 'bookmarks' and revisiting pages I had tagged as interesting at some point.
This brought up The Name Wizard, a cool site that lets you see a name in many different ways. You can see a graphical representation of the popularity if (almost) any name using NameVoyager (Katie has a big spike in the 80s of which I was born smack-dab in the middle).
A person can look up a name and get a meaning, rank it on a series of attributes (How sexy is Barnaby?), see its international popularity and even common sibling names.

Speaking of names, I would have been Matthew Ryan had I had a penis. April was also considered but I'm pretty happy I dodged that one (I always associated with the sidekick girl in the horrible yellow suit from Ninja Turtles). Oh and Victoria (with obvious last name problems). My brother is David but I begged my mom to use Dmitri (I still love this) or Darcy. I guess she stuck with the "D" theme and we do still like to joke that he could have been a Vladimir (I think my mom really did toy with this one)

Another site that came up in my stumbling was I love you more than.com. Just a bunch of little hearts professing love using comparison (this would be a good exercise for beginner Spanish class: Te amo más que...) but they are sweet. I may have submitted a few myself but I won't say who for...

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