Friday, February 13


On the bus ride entertaining conversations around me sometimes keep me from losing my mind. In Sudbury the seat behind me was taken over by a cute little old lady (LOL) and eventually a young Laurentian student took the seat next to her as the coach filled. He was genial, kind to her and a total over-sharer. (This is all approximate wording, I'm not that good)

LOL: That's a nice cap you have there.
Oversharer: Thanks, my girlfriend bought it for me. It is the third one like it and all have ripped. But it is from Wal-Mart; so either my head is huge or those kids in China really need to step up their game.

(ok, that isn't over-sharing exactly, but I'll show you what is...)

LOL: What are your plans for the break?
Over-sharer: *indecipherable/uninteresting part* And of course I get to see my girlfriend. We'll be getting cuddling and getting naked and rolling around and doing more cuddling. And all that gushy stuff.

Um, what?! And yes, the lady next to me heard the same thing so I'm just hearing what I want to hear (I'm not sure why I would want to hear that). Who says that? I should have followed him after. I can't say this officially, more tests would have to be done, but he may be the Canada's Most Awkward Person. Does the Discovery Channel have that show yet?

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nadine said...

Love it. Oversharers are complete gems to eavesdroppers.

And I would watch that show.