Sunday, February 22

Longest Bus Ride of Life

340am: alarm goes off
405am: Mark and I leave for the bus station (yeah, he's pretty great)
430am: He leaves and I snuggle in on my double-seat
9am: forced off the bus in Sudbury to clean it (really? It was fine the way it was). I do the only studying of the day for my Wednesday midterm.
1015am: back on the bus but it is a little more crowded this time
1220pm: 'lunch' in Parry Sound (so I got a sundae at DQ)
1pm: bus breaks down outside P. Sound
103pm: bus starts again
106pm: bus stops again
----forget the time but we stall 5 times total
310pm: we get rescued by another bus (after the bus driver calls all emergency numbers given to him my Greyhound to find out that all were out of service)
431pm: arrive for the 430 connections and find the line for London outside the building and around the corner. You would think they would prepare for reading week....
510pm: we bounce
749pm: we roll into the station and my awesome housemate picks me up

Let's count them....right 16 hours since my alarm went off all spent in bus-related activities.
It's better when you're excited to get back.

On another note: long trips with nasty bus bathrooms mess up my regularity (if you know what I mean)

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