Tuesday, February 3

Motivation in the Form of Failure

This has to be the first, maybe the second time, in my life that I have actually completely forgotten to do an assignment. Just did not do it and did not hand it in. It was not really worth anything but that isn't the point. Hopefully this waste of marks will motivate me to be more diligent. Or maybe it had something to do with being away this weekend.

After having it good in terms of exams for so many years I officially HATE Western. At least how they schedule exams. One: they do not give a final, unchanging exam schedule until almost the end of the semester.
Two: There are exams on Easter Monday (which actually really interferes with my ability to celebrate Mark's birthday -- I have an exam at 9am that day)
Three: Exams go until the very end of April.

Something good: if the schedule holds I may just go home for 10 days in between exams (look for a job, hang out with novio & family, etc.)

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