Tuesday, November 24

My new Hobby

Tickets to live-tapings of CBC's The Hour (with good ol' George Stomboulopoulos) are surprisingly easy to acquire. And free. The key is free.

Most tapings start at 330 giving my classmates and me time to finish out class at 3 and be at the studio on time. But not today. Less than 24hrs notice they moved us up to 245 to tape something for their Christmas special. A little bitter but determined to see Steven Levitt (author of Freakonomimcs) we missed our very first anatomy lecture on the larynx. An SLP who doesn't know the larynx? Hopefully we can wing it ;)

It was wholly worth it. I have found my new hobby. The audience is small, they entertain us in between, Georoge seems to pretty much wing everything. The snacks were minimal (free crispy things in bags and free energizing drinks: I'm not going to do a plug) and we did not get a copy of the new SUPERFREAKONOMICS. Apparently things are different on Canadian television. They did randomly give away free items between taping. We flagged down a free box of salty chocolates.

The Interviews:
Steven Levitt: nerdy, knowledgeable guy (but I still find economics fascinating yet disturbing). He at least admitted that no one wants an economist running the world. No, we don't.

Anika Noni Rose: the voice of Disney's new "The Princess and the Frog" (she was also on the movie Dream Girls). Very sweet and very well-spoken.

The Sadies & the Mighty Pope: interesting musical mix covering White Christmas. Not my normal style but a treat.

Downside: You can't use the washroom. At all. From 245 to almost 6pm. Tell me there is no washroom available and watch me squirm. It is torture; all I can think about. I have nightmares about having to relieve myself and not being able to locate a washroom.

I made it though, in case you were wondering.


Megan Brubacher said...

Hi Katie - it's your Toronto friend Megan. and we have not seen each other yet :(
Sounds like you're having a blast in TO and making the most of it though :)
You're crazy and I love you.
We should hang out


Jelena said...

Haha, I wholly approve of said new hobby :D

Here's to Canadian tv!