Thursday, November 5

Brought to you by the Letter K

Yes my name starts with K. Other than that I'm not a big fan*. I loathe the icebreaker where everyone is asked to say his or her name with an adjective doing two things: representing oneself and starting with the SAME LETTER as said person's first name.

All is well if you are Brainy Bailey or Fabulous Francine but what about all us K's?

The standard two:
Kinky: in most contexts this is cringe-worthily inappropriate.
Kooky: while I can be a bit strange I find this word awkward and I don't feel that it relates to me at all

I enlisted the help of some nerdy, er, highly intellectual classmates. This was the result:
Kerfuffled: there is an element of truth to this. Check, I would use it.
Kite-flying: I have once flown a kite, yes (thanks Mark!) but I hesitate to define myself by that experience just yet.
Kinesthetic-learner: Kinesthetic Learner Katie, it has a nice ring to it. Ignoring the fact that it is outrageously incorrect it has about the right level of nerdiness to get across my true nature in a two (three) word introduction.

The search continues for a great word. Any suggestions? What do you call yourself during these uncomfortable meetings?

*An inventory of sounds suggests I have something against velarization: hard G sounds (as in gone or gargantuan) are wholely unappealing to me.


nadine said...

N is not fun either. I'm either nice or nerdy.

The animal name game is the worst.

"Nadine the numbat."

Katie V. said...

Ha! You could be a newt or a narwhal or a NAKED MOLE RAT! So many options. At least I get Koala.

Oh how about Nifty? I think that fits you quite well.

nadine said...

Yes! I'm a nifty narwhal!

Koala is pretty fantastic. You should keep your name :)

CoffeeNate said...

I remember, as a child, relishing the fact that Nathan doesn't rhyme with any english word! \o/

How bout Kinetic?

Silas said...

i suggest "knowledgeable". then you can impress people that your adjective isn't a hard K