Tuesday, November 17

Frugal Rebel

Class was skipped today. By me. It was the first time since the program started that I skipped a class while I was in town (I've skipped two others for traveling/holiday purposes). It was productively spent at the mall. Yikes. I never feel good about myself after leaving the mall (I need a whole new wardrobe!).

We did spend almost an hour in Sephora making up our faces with all the testers. There was a powder foundation that made my skin flawless. $35. I justified it for self-esteem reasons and hunted out the necessary make-up brush. $25. Yikes. But I forged ahead to the cash (guilt twinging).

$79.10. What happened to my $60 purchase?! If $60 caused guilt then $80 felt ludicrous for make-up. I hesitated and asked why the price hike. She responded that the brush was $38 but when I asked where I could find the $25 brush that I intended to buy (not a very organized brush section) she gave me a hasty "I don't know".

"I'm sorry, I can't spend that on make-up". And walked out. Maybe a bit embarrassing but glad I didn't complete the sale just because she had already rung it up. My skin doesn't have a flawless sheen but I would still have a knot in my stomach if I had dropped that cash.


Beth said...

i applaud you twice over. for skipping, and for skimping. :)

Vanessa said...

Yes! Good for you! Sometimes I feel PRESSURE to pay for something I didn't realize was that expensive just because they've rung it up.

nadine said...

Sounds like something I'd do!

We should go shopping together sometime...and talk ourselves out of buying. It's an art :)

Katie V. said...

Thank you, thank you. I'll admit it wasn't actually embarrassing as it maybe should have been lol.

Nadine, I would love to go (not) shopping with you! Can we do Queen West? I want to see all the cute shops.

nadine said...

Yes to Queen West :)