Wednesday, November 25

City Dreams Come True

Another big-city-living dream of mine came true today. I go to Kensington market fairly frequently but it never seems to be planned. From school I can jaunt there in 10-15 minutes but from home it is over a half hour. This is by walking, I'm too cheap to TTC*. As usual I ended up there today somewhat unexpectedly but finally decided to make the most of it.

I bought someone's gift in a specialty shop that sold only that gift and every possible variation on that item.

I compared the quality of produce across vendors. Tomatoes, yellow peppers and grapes at one. Fresh basil at another. Turned my nose up at the abysmal Bosc pear selection.

My bread came from a bakery. It was warm and smelled fresh. I talked to the store clerk about the bakers attempting to make my favourite bread (Finnish coffee bread, I ask everywhere I go and no one ever makes it ;(

The fresh Bocconcini for lunch tomorrow came from a little cheese store with friendly and hilarious service.

On my way back to school (not so idyllic after all) I stopped by the Chinese bakery that Mark and I "discovered" on Dundas and picked up a bag of pineapple coconut buns to freeze for later *drool*.

This would have been almost perfect except for the fact that I *gasp* forgot to bring reusable bags and had to tote everything around in plastic from the store. For shame.

*Let's see what happens in January. One hand: The fare will go up from $2.75 to $3.00. Cheap me will cringe when purchasing tickets, this will encourage walking. Other hand: It will be bitterly cold and the transit will be so easy and warm. This will encourage me to "Ride the Rocket".

Shiny New Blog Feature: What I Should Be Doing! Find out what I should have been doing when I wrote this post.
Today: 1) making study notes for physiology (book is sitting open on my lap)
2) Writing SOAP Notes (you don't need to know) for an assignment due Friday.

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