Monday, November 2

Fed Up with FedEx

About 5 weeks ago I won an iPod from Crystal Light. Go entering contests online! I didn't say anything before now because I wanted to have it in my hot little hands for real to make sure I wasn't being tricked or scammed. They used FedEx to ship it to me. Problem. FedEx can't get me my package in downtown Toronto.

They call me this morning at 7:18am (I went home this weekend and arrived back in TO on the Greyhound at 5:44 this morning so let me tell you, a 7:18 wakeup call was exactly what I needed).
When can we bring the package? Having class every day from 10-3pm I said after 330. They agree to this arrangement.

I rush home with excitement to see my new prize and wait in the living room to be sure I hear the door. Just after 5pm they call me again:

FedEx: I guess you realize there is a problem with your package.
Me: um, no.
FedEx: The address is a nightclub.
Me: No, I'm pretty sure I don't live at a night club {I proceed to provide very specific directions}.
FedEx: So when can we bring it by?
Me: Tomorrow after 330pm.
FedEx: Sorry, he does your route in the morning.
Me: Sorry, I have class everyday until 3pm. You can drop it off before 930am or after 330pm.
FedEx: We don't guarantee times. Is there any way that you could not go to class???

We keep negotiating: they can't drop it off to security of the condo next door that owns the townhouse.
They don't have an office in downtown TO (that's right, FedEx Ground can't be picked up in DOWNTOWN TORONTO. I'm welcome to go to Mississauga or Whitby though.
I may not be able to sign for my own package because I rent: I have no i.d. that proves I live at this address.

Solution: They are shipping it to my parents' house 8 HOURS AWAY. I can get my package in two weeks when Mark visits. So much for the world's most reliable shipping conglomerate.


Silas said...

Sounds like you are Fed UPS enough to go UPS!

Katie V. said...

Yes, someone understands my frustration. Haha, nice play on brand names there. Maybe FedEx will see this and fix my problem?