Friday, July 3

3 days Free

This is the third day that I haven't ingested any mind-altering substances. Too bad the end of this 'high' is just coming off Effexor. I've been weaning myself from this stuff/crap since March or April. Wow. Could this take any longer? Even stepping down one dose at a time in month three week intervals is bogging up my brains. *brain shock* Cross my fingers I don't go emo any time soon but as of right now I feel ok. The brain shocks are all over the place and I'm a bit more emotional than before but nothing that isn't normal or can't be handled. I'm tired of putting money into the pockets of mega-pharm. Looking back I sometimes wish I hadn't chosen the drug route, that I would have been stronger and not fallen for the solution being offered to waaay too many people these days. But then again, it really did help.

That means two months to adjust to feeling all of my emotions again before the big challenge of heading off to school.

I hit up JC Penny the other night and scored some sweet deals. I'll be living in Toronto so I figured it was about time that I owned some skinny jeans. *brain shock*. The list of criteria for my sweet new place there that I haven't found yet is growing too:

-within walking distance from school
-gym in the building (no excuse not to go!)
-affordable (ha!)
-two or three housemates

Maybe it isn't the longest list but being cheap and having high expectations don't really fit together in downtown T.O.

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