Wednesday, July 22

Hoping I'm not Being Scammed

For the second time I have agreed to rent a room from 8 hours away on the word of the landlord. If I get what they promise I'll be living in a classy townhouse in the LGBT area of Toronto just 2km away from the majority of my classes (not perfect for walking but definitely bikeable).
--Large furnished bedroom with two big windows (yay, no playing tetris with my furniture in the back of my mom's van).
--All inclusive hydro, parking, internet, phone, dishwasher, AC....
--Free access to the condo pool (ozonated), gym, tennis & squash courts, etc.
--Sharing a bathroom with just one other female student

Things I'm excited about:
--Frosh week! Yep, even us old grad students get our very own activities
--Indian food!
--Getting started on these final two years of edumacation
--A normal bed not 3 feet off the ground
--Visits from Mark :)

1 comment:

nadine said...

Things I'm excited about:
1. You found a place!
2. In my city!
3. We can be real friends!