Tuesday, July 28

The Proposal

But not mine. The movie. Fooled....anyone? Too obvious?

I might have a little girl crush on Sandra Bullock; she is so hot in this movie. It (briefly) made me want to go to the gym 6 days a week and stop eating carbs. Props to Ryan Reynolds as well but really, go Sandy B. This flick was hilarious and sweet and not even a total chick movie (but more a chick movie than not, let's be honest).

Garden update: HUGE. Zucchini: ready to be picked. Potatoes: bushy, need to be mounded more. Peas: a'flowerin. Broccoli: edible-sized (if that size is 'bite'). Cauliflower: invisible, sadly the cold weather has stunted the growth of this yummy veggie.

School update: the next big challenge is textbooks. No one likes to stare down the barrel of $800 in paper and ink. For one semester. Better things I could get for $800

1. and ipod touch and a new wardrobe
2. a laptop
3. a place ticket....don't really care the destination
4. a handmade quilt from etsy along with another $650 in cool home/room decor
5. laser hair removal (yep, I said it, and want it).

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