Monday, July 6

Notable This Week

This week looks extra social. Mark and I are going from never calling or making contact with people we like to having almost every evening booked. Don't get me wrong, I like people! I'm pretty excited. But I also have to be sure to get some down time (people can get tiring when you're not used to having friends).

--I made scones from whole wheat flour this morning to bring on a coffee date with a wonderful hippie to talk gardens, composting and grassy organic butter.
--Mail received:

Apparently, if you register for a Petro Points card online, you can get them to send you mail under any name you desire. Unfortunately the card doesn't have a name, drats! Any Friends fan knows what the P. stands for (it should actually be P.C. Bananahammock)

--(not actually this week) Mark had an empty wall in his living room so we covered it with matte-vinyl in the shape of a world map. So classy. From etsy.

--Found green caterpillars eating my broccoli. Picked them off and threw them into traffic. Broccoli plants looking a little better.
--Lots of the cousins (and their respective parents) visited over the weekend. Played entirely too much Apples to Apples. The cousins are finally old enough to be treated like real people. Fun times were had.

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