Saturday, July 25

Emo Band Math

How old the Emo band looks: 12
Add 5: 5+12 = 17, Oldest anyone is willing to believe the band is
Add 15: 17+15 = 32, Best estimate of Emo band's actual age

Mark took me out on a date last night. We found out that neither of us really like fancy food and we like our Pad Thai to taste like Pad Thai (not asking too much, are we?). Fancy restaurants always ruin great food with fancy ingredients. Think that cappeletti sounds good? Except for the blue cheese. No mushrooms, baked squash or mold for me, please!

The second half of the night was spent at a local club/lounge/bar watching a local Emo-punk band. The math above applies to them (note: I haven't actually confirmed their true ages yet). The music was good but the lyrics were....written by 12-year-olds. The bassist could have been a younger and much more awkward little bro to Michael Cera. The show was to kick off their (10-day!) tour. Hopefully the balding drummer has his license or someone's mom is also going on tour for 10 days. Not bad for local though. More creative lyrics and they could draw some decent crowds.

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