Monday, June 29

You Just Know

One of the most annoying answers to a question lots of single gals want to know (I've asked it myself): How do you know he is the one?

When the most important thing is knowing you'll be together. For me it has been the (almost) sudden realization that, if it came down to it, none of those childhood fantasy weddings, or honeymoons, or diamond rings, or big houses really matter.

I don't need a big hall, or a big party, or an expensive cake, or a fancy ring, or lots of presents, or a big crowd, or a pouffy dress, or really any of those things. Although some of them wouldn't be accepted gladly. Of course I want to feel special but I've just realized that I can compromise and that I'd give up some of the glamorous things if it meant him being happy or us being together sooner. I've known for a while but this is just one other level of knowing.

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