Friday, June 5

Just don't call me Late for Dinner

I've collected a few nicknames at my place of employment this summer:
Vixxen: a carry over from last year
Weird girl: this is my moniker during our lunch posse outs
Nonna: the most recent, translates as grandma in Italian. It stemmed from my habit of taking unfinished things in my purse for later (the can of juice I didn't open at a press release thing today. hey, free juice!). It could also be related to my garage-saling, gardening and crocheting....


Beth said...

to be fair, isn't vixxen a carry over from first year!? i think you'll make a great nonna some day for real, yo.

Katie V. said...

Yeah, vixxen was def first used back in the day. But my coworker came up with it again last year all on his own so I counted it. And thanks! I plan to be a good nonna some day, I've already got most of the skills!