Sunday, December 19

Quiz thingy

Sorry if this is torture. I started off as fun to write but then gradually became a test of will. Ok I lied, I am a geek and I love filling out these pointless surveys. I always learn something about myself. For example, according to one survey I am 96% related to michael jackson. I guess by Maury's standards that makes him my dad. Scary. Anyway, enjoy, or don't.

Series 1-8

Created by andy and taken 11938 times on bzoink!

[ series 1 ]
Birthdaymarch 23
Birthplacewawa (Land o' the big goose)
Current the great white north
Eye Colorhazel-y bluey green
Hair Colorbrown
Righty or Leftyrighty (are we talking politics or hands?...doesn't really matter i guess
Zodiac Signwho cares those square letters
[ series 2 - your favorite ]
Musicchristian....oh who am I kidding...90s pop
CartoonPepper Ann
Carvolkswagon jetta, well favorite car in the "i have the potential to own that someday" category
Slushy Flavorlemonade
Magazinethe economist or national geographic...such a tough choice!
TV Showameria's next top model...i'm ashamed
Song at the Moment(get out of my head Ashlee Simpson!) ok, I love You, by Sanctus Real
LanguageMANDARIN! xiexie shelly
Spice Girlposh...she's so cool
Food & Beverageif we're talking as a combo...chips dipped in pop
Subject in Schooleconomics
Weekend Activityhanging out with the roomies! (shelly you are an honourary roomie)
Frozen Yogurtcappucino
Roller Coastertop gun...cliche i know, i know
[ series 3 - what is ]
Your most overused phraseno, YOU're really [insert word here]
First thing you thought when you woke upyay, i didn't sleep through church
Last image/thought you go to sleep withi have no idea...i can't remember what i was doing 5 minutes ago...or where i put my scarf!
First feature you notice of opposite ash that isn't sap!
Best name for a ButlerGordie? what?
Wussiest Sporthop scotch...well i dunno they can be pretty
Your best featuremy wonderfully clear skin ;)
Your greatest feargetting in a car accident...or rejection....oh crap why am I being so honest?
Your greatest accomplishmentgetting dean's list at uni so far...geek! there i said it for you
Your most missed memorywildwood Bible Camp...sharing the upstairs with hogan and nat!
[ series 4 - you prefer ]
Pepsi or Cokepepsi...although coke is better for chip-dippin'
McDonald's or Burger Kingum, well...ew....mcdonald's...
Single or Group Datesmeh...single I suppose
Adidas or Nikewhichever pays their workers more...this could be hard
Chicken nuggets or Chicken fingersfingers...buffalo style, without the bones!
Dogs or Catsdoggies
Rugrats or Dougneither
Single or Takensingle
Monica or Brandybrandy
Tupac or Jay-ZI dislike rap with a passion and I haven't met either of them personally
Shania Twain or LeAnn Rhymessorry leeAnn, me and shania go way back
Lipton Ice Tea or Nesteanestea
One pillow or Twomy blankie rolled up in a ball
Chocolate or Vanillachocolate
Hot chocolate or Hot cocoaI um, the one that tastes good...what? they are different?
Cappucino or Coffeecappucino...but I can't have caffiene
[ series 5 - do you ]
Shower everydayno
Have a crushno
Think you've been in lovelong pathetic crushes, etc. no love
Want to go to collegemaybe someday, if I would hard enough
Like high schooloh yeah its great, I mean everyone always said the 6th year is the best
Want to get married----yes
Type correctlyno, I don't use my pinkies
Believe in yourselfI believe I'm here
Have any tattoos? Wherenope
Have any piercings? Wherenope
Get motion sicknessnope
Think you're a health freakI eat falafel...does that count?
Get along with your parentssure
Like thunderstormsI'll go with yes......ok no...lightning scares me like nothing else
[ series 6 - the future ]
Age your plan to be married24
Number and names of childrenoh boy...6, Judah, Noah, Jaeden, Brielle, Aubrey/Aubrianna, Mica
Where will you be at age 2020, oh no, i'm gonna be 20, i'm so life is going nowhere....spiralling...down......
Dream weddingon turtle Island at long beach
How do you want to diescary...nope I don't want to plan this one
Dream jobpaint chip namer or resort reviewer
Country you'd like to visitItaly or greece
[ series 7 - opposite sex ]
Best eye colorgreen
Best hair colorlight brown
Short or long hairmedium
Best height5'11 +
Best weightmeh...not obese
Best clothespreppy with some colour
Best first date locationwalking along the river
Best first kiss locationthe boardwalk
[ series 8 - other ]
Last time you slept with a stuffed animal3 days ago
Rings before you answer the phoneatleast 2...ALWAYS...ask the housemates
What's on your mousepaddell
How many houses you've lived in5, 6 if rez counts
How many schools you've gone to4
Bedroom carpet colorbrown...or more accurately sienna
Shave your head for $5,000?no
Stranded on a desert island. Take three things. No peopleBible, knife, clean underwear
Best time of your life so faruni!!!!!!

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shellieos said...


you dip chips into coke?!?!!?!?!?! no way!

shellieos said...

we're sooo alike! well just...because we both love economics!!!! w00000000000000000000000000000000000t
and i'm so happy i'm a 'honourary' roomie!!!!