Wednesday, December 15

Keeping with the Brain Theme

Exams are almost done and in keeping with the the human being's primal urge to avoid studying (if you believe in primal urges) I have been inspired to write today. You have all heard 'a mind is a terrible thing to waste' and in my quest to be more knowledgeable and more interesting i suppose I will begin compiling a list of things I want to learn/do before I die.
1) Learn to speak Mandarin
This was inspired by a jaunt to the Pacific Mall in Toronto where for the first time in my life I was a minority. I'd like to say this was a profound experience but truthfully I just liked shopping. Anyway, my two lovely tourguides (shelly and rebecca!) were kind enough to take me to dimsum (sp) and bear through my butchering of mandarin to show me a few far I know thankyou, goodbye, you're fat and i'm full...all very useful.
2) Learn Sign Language
This is such a beautiful language, I mean no talking over each other, no yelling, (hmmm...i kinda like yelling). And for anyone that sounds like Fran Drescher this could be a good alternative, for everyone.
3) Learn to Sew a Dress
This is a by myself, I would wear it out of the house afterward, actually follow the pattern, fits nicely kinda dress.
Alright that is it for today. Really I need to study economics, oligopolies here I come!

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shellieos said...

you need more people reading this wonderful thing. send your link to silas and ask him if he would link you. and then send this link to everyone on your msn list! better yet....use your url as your msn nickname. the more ppl you get to comment, the more addicted you will be to blogging. mahahahaha... just look at me. dang too much caffiene in the system...stupid externalities and stackelberg whatevers. JE NE COMPRENDE PAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*i tell myself i'm fine. yes i am. no, you're not. yes i am. I TELL MYSELF I'M FINE!!!* (scar's lil song from the lion king musical.)