Friday, December 17

MMM Cake

Dear Bloggy,
Today was so-so. I woke up just waiting to stick it to my exam--or have it get stuck to me? Anyway, I'm not sure which way the sticking went to be perfectly honest. There was an answer for all questions written down and i had 10 minutes left after the exam.
Today let's all learn something: Mangiacake. Italian for 'cake eater'? Well whatever, don't take offence to this word if you are one cuz its just a great word to throw in at parties. Just be careful not to call your uncle Gino one. It basically means white-dude of non-italian descent...I learned something new today though; it is meant to be extremely derogatory. The way we use it at home it gets thrown around by teachers, friends, Good ol'Folgo the principal used it (well I don't have proof) to mean "white man who wishes he ate proscuitto and owned a jewelry store".
Most of my italian has been through osmosis (my pale skin allowing for easy absorption of other cultures)...It wasn't weird for a guy in my school to own and wear large white gold and 18k yellow gold rings on multiple fingers and the saying "A Gino" didn't go very far since most girls either dated one or their fathers were one. I would say this makes it an interesting place to live but it doesn't really. Although I will never be happy with pizza anywhere else and can I get a Ginetti???? ai, mangiacakes.....


shellieos said...

i LOVE your blogs. it's rare to find an interesting blog. dudette you must teach me more of your italian culture. even i must be less ethnocentric! i live in canada after all not china! :D

shellieos said...

by the way...i'm sure you stuck it to the exam.
katie sooo smart!