Thursday, December 16


The only creative juices that will be flowing today is if I drool when I nap. My brain is so fried, thank you accounting. And bitter apparently...this last is exam is really kicking me in the teeth. Of course the thought of not studying crossed my mind but of course i'll regret it, blah blah blah. On a lighter note I'm taking a break. The massive laundry pile that managed to eat even my clean clothes is now safely near the washing machine, there are candy wrappers nicely strewn all over my desk (they are silver so I think i'll call them 'festive') and I can barely walked through my room without discovering something hidden under a pile of notes. Yep, that sounds about right. There is no food left in the house that would prevent me from coming down with a case of scurvy or osteoporosis. I am rationing the last of my milk for a bowl of cereal tomorrow and maybe a class of it on friday. I went with Shell-eh to Pizza Hut for their lunch buffet yesterday. Overall a good choice since I had been dreaming about it since first semester of first year. How I managed to continue to eat 3 pieces of dessert pizza after I was two slices of regular pizza over my full line already I may never know. Props to shelly for being able to pack it in. I didn't realize one could still feel full 8 hours after eating....yes my friends it's possible.

Back to the dreaded far going faster than I thought, but not easier...rr...


Anonymous said...

OH Katie,
you know - i find it fantastic that your actual name is "katie" - i knwo we have talked about this before but - its cool! ... accounting rocks my world - right now i'm about to get back to reviewing the different kinds of stocks you could buy - thrilling! i'm jumping out of my chair to do thirlling!

shellieos said...

KA DIE! (honestly that's how i keep thinking of you in my brain) you CAN DOOOOO IT! (think uber chinese fob accent!) missing ya already. i got mentioned in your blog. i'm sooo coooool!