Saturday, December 18

I Forgot what I was going to Title This

I know most people joke about having a bad memory or losing things easily but I actually based my choice of a desktop over a laptop because it is more than possible for me to put something that valuable on a table beside me and minutes later walk away, leaving it behind. Have you ever considered that maybe having children isn't such a great idea due to the high chance you might one day do the same thing to them? Well due to my innate ability to lose absolutely anything and everything this thought has crossed my mind. Riding on the bus for nine hours this morning/afternoon/evening I had plenty of time to watch Home Alone 2 (even better than I remember) and list everything I have absentmindedly left behind or forgotten over the last semester...a scarf, a jean jacket, a present and numerous other items not to mention for some reason my inability to recall even simple nouns resorting to 'you know, that thing' and the very intelligent 'the thingy, over there, with the tallness...nevermind'.
So in keeping with the learning theme yet again we have a new word for today HYPOCHONDRIAC: say it with me now. That's right, people who make up illnesses and assume one cough must mean pneumonia.
I can't tell you exactly how this particular neurosis started but maybe it's due to my mother being a nurse or my love for e.r. but the first thing that came to mind when thinking about all of my lost items was "Wow, sounds like alzheimers". Early onset alzheimers????? Who gets that at 19 years old? I haven't been ingesting any large quanities of lead that I am aware of. Now I'm not trying to bash alzheimer's, it is serious...but sometimes i think my imagination gets away with me.
As for life at home, so far so good. I feel like i'm the big stabilizer of the family though. We'll see how that one goes since maybe i'm not all that stable myself ;). Christmas, 7 days...Winter Conference 9. God has provided in ways I couldn't have imagined. The cost of both WC and bus fare are almost covered but the best part is the letters and support I have gotten from my family that I otherwise don't get to talk about my faith with. Woot!
Alright holidays, here I come.

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shellieos said...

someone else who is as absentminded as me.
i once went to the atm to get money only to walk away w/o taking the money. this lady came running after me which was really nice of her! ^_^